Shutting Down Hunger

Homemade coconut milk recipe Thursday 11am
Homemade coconut milk: shredded coconut, and a cheese cloth. Wednesday, July 29th, @1pm

There are food options that will increase your will of eating. Others will shut the signal down. I like to compare it to how you would keep a fireplace. A piece of paper will burn fast, and you will need more, and more to keep it going. A piece of wood will burn steady, and slowly. That’s how your body works seeking energy.

This is very important to understand once you make your food decisions. Think about a piece of cake, or a cookie. A cracker. A cup of soda… Can you keep you hunger under control after eating it, or does it actually spike your need for more?

Ends up that every time you eat something that has almost no nutrient content, and almost no fiber, your body breaks it fast. You feel the rush, and a spike of energy, that shuts down right afterwards. So you need more, and more. Just like a piece of paper in the fire. At the other hand, once you eat something with more nutrients, and fibers, your body takes longer to digest. Like a piece of wood.

It is important to understand that if you keep on eating through the day, your body will not burn body fat. There is no need to go for the reserves if the food intake keeps on happening. Actually, every food decision is training your body into tapping into those reserves or not.

One of my favorite foods, that helps a lot with shutting down hunger, is the coconut. It is a powerful healthy fat. Rich in nutrients, and fibers. That you can be creative, and add it to your diet and many different ways:

In case you feel really hungry in the morning, you can add a spoon of coconut oil in your coffee. It breaks the bitterness, and different from sugar, it will induce your body to use fat as energy source, and it will shut down your hunger hormones for a little longer.

Im not sure how you feel about salads, but I LOVE big salads. Everyday I eat it once, or twice. It became my main meal. I tend to add many different kinds of nutrients: chickpeas, cucumber, carrots, pumpkin seeds, avocado, and… Coconut flakes. Why not? It taste delicious!

Another option is switching the regular milk for coconut milk. It is sooo easy to prepare. All you need is shredded coconut, and cheese cloth. You can keep it at the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days, and use it to make smoothies, to add to your coffee, or add it to paleo recipes…

This is why Im inviting you to join me Wednesday (July 29th), at 1pm for a live Zoom session, so we can prepare coconut milk together. You will need shredded coconut, cheese cloth, a blender, and boiling water. We will be talking about eating habits as well, and other ways to induce your body to burn fat as energy source.