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Exercise, and move through the day to relieve stress. Induce the body to burn body fat as energy source through your eating habits. Turn off the tv, and connect to your body with a nice, and warm bath...

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Posture Improvement

Long hours sitting down are adapting the human body to improper posture, resulting in back pain, neck pain, shoulders, knees, and hips. Learn how to address all of it through exercises, and stretching.

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Fitness for wellness

Working out shouldn't add extra stress in your life. "I have to lose weight". This mindset will push you away from your goals. The journey will be understanding fitness to pursue wellness.

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Shutting Down Hunger

There are food options that will increase your will of eating. Others will shut the signal down. I like to compare it to how you would keep a fireplace. A piece of paper will burn fast, and you will need more, and more to keep it going. A piece of […]